Project Directors: Kris Inwood, Economics and Graeme Morton, History

Post-Doctoral Fellows are listed on the page of the Historical Data Research Unit

Visitors: For a list of visitors to the project please see the ‘People’ section of the Historical Data Research Unit page.

Office Co-ordinator: Jean Dalgleish is responsible for day-to-day management and supervision of most activities in the 1871 project. Jean brings to the job considerable experience as Office Co-ordinator for the 1891 project, Assistant Director for the Westminster Institute for Ethics and Human Values and Managing Editor of the journal Ecosystem Health. Jean has a BA (hons) in economic history from the University of Strathclyde and an MA in history from the University of Western Ontario.

Project Manager: Chelsea Jack leads an executive team that also includes the project directors and office co-ordinator with responsibility for planning and monitoring all aspects of the 1871 project. Chelsea brings to the role considerable experience in all aspects of database creation since her first appointment to the 1891 project in 2005. Her MA thesis used 1871 and 1891 census data to examine asylums for the insane during the 19th century.

Personnel: The students and staff who plan, manage and carry out the work of database construction are the heart of the 1871 project. They bring sound academic preparation, the critical imagination needed to understand the census and a good deal of common sense. The development of skills, expertise and understanding is an explicit goal of the 1871 project. A number of staff have explored some aspect of the 1871 or related historical data in their studies. For a listing of student contributions please click here.

Support from University Staff: The project would not be possible without the concrete and ongoing assistance of University staff from the departments of History and Economics, the College of Arts, the Office of Research and Computing and Communication Services.

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